Patrol Division

Mattapoisett Police Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest division within the Mattapoisett Police Department. Its primary responsibility is to provide quality uniformed law enforcement service to the community. The Patrol Division is comprised of 1 Captain, 3 Sergeants, 15 Patrolmen and 3 Reserve Officers. The Patrol Division is the backbone of the department.

Patrol officers handle initial response to 911 calls, regular calls for service and complete the initial report of criminal activity. Many criminal investigations are also conducted at the patrol level.

On top of these duties, patrol officers are expected to become familiar persons in the community. Patrol officers are the largest and most publicly recognizable group of police officers, which makes them the face of community policing. Uniformed officers will be found reaching out to members of the community, building the trust between citizens and the police that will ensure the public’s trust and willingness to provide the police with information when needed, while the officers commit to using the resources of the police department to address community problems.

Our commitment to the citizens is to promote, preserve and deliver quality services and to ensure the safety of all citizens of the Town of Mattapoisett.